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Who we are

Path to Success a London based Charity since 2005, (registered in UK on 13th March 2006) is the outcome of the Founder and Director Anita Choudhrie’s many years of vast experience of the charity world. The Charity adopts campaigns on yearly basis as an umbrella body providing funding and grants to other charities for the relief of Sickness and Ill Health Conditions, Poverty and Advancement of Education, Physically Disabled and Homeless People. The work of Path to Success is to embrace lives from different cultural traditions. We hope to inspire and empower every person we come in touch with, to take responsibility for the improvement of human condition.

Our vision is to share goodwill within the United Kingdom and overseas to help individuals overcome their difficulties. Aiming to facilitate the flow of funding from donors to a balanced portfolio of programs, our focus of objectives are those of:

  • To help educate those who can’t take education for granted.
  • To help individuals overcome their disabilities.
  • To support organisations for individuals with long term health concerns and limited financial resources.
  • To provide overseas aid, relief and support in the event of natural disasters.

23 Buckingham Gate London SW1E 6LB | Tel +44 (0) 20 7233 8632 |


Registered UK Charity no : 1113253 | Registered Scottish Charity no : SC043104