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On December 2012, for the first time Path to Success presented the 'Admiration Award', a token  to honour an individual, who inspite of being vulnerable in any sense of terms, gives back to the society and to those who need help. An individual who has made a demonstrable impact in his/her life. A person who has proven dedication, professionalism, integrity and full support in a charitable way towards – adults or children – disadvantaged by poverty, disability or education.

Admiration Award: Welcome
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2018’s Admiration Award was presented to Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, Channel 4 News sports reporter, DJ, and journalist at the Copper Box Arena on 25th September. The award is a token in recognising his charitable support for underprivileged minor ethnic groups and disabled individuals.

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Ian Laker is a very busy man within the world of wheelchair basketball. The former coach of the women's British wheelchair team was a legend of British club basketball. Ian began his working life as an accountant before becoming a National Disabled Living Advisor for A.S.B.A.H (Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus). In addition of being a wheelchair user himself, Ian has also had a significant career in wheelchair basketball, as a player for 28 years including representing Great Britain as a club coach and the coach of the women's national team. Ian is the co-founder of London Titans Wheelchair Basketball Club and owns GBL Wheelchair Services Ltd.


One of the greatest success stories we have heard is of a man who came to St Wilfrid’s Centre in Sheffield, having had a complete nervous breakdown and was at a point when he was unable to communicate with anyone and frightened of coming out of the house.

Keith Dewsnap was heavily medicated and at the time saw no hope of returning to normal life, which was compounded by his marriage breakup. St Wilfrid’s Centre encouraged him to take part in the workshop activities and quickly found that he was very good with his hands and at practical tasks. He had indeed in the past been a qualified mechanic and they soon benefitted from his skills in the workshop. His quality of life improved, as did his confidence and self-esteem and very soon after starting in the workshop he was able to stop taking medication completely.

In November 2013, he attended an interview at the Centre for a paid Workshop Tutor position and he got the job. This man is very professional in his approach and is able to give full support to people who are perhaps in the same position as he was. This is the ultimate giving back to society. The award was presented to Keith on 27th November 2014 in Sheffield.


Our first award was presented to Luke Baily (22 years of age), a key member of the Charity Trailblazers network of young campaigners. Luke has helped to organise events for Young Disabled People in the Parliament. Luke has plays an integral role in all campaigns. He blogs regularly – sharing his experiences of the challenges faced by young disabled people; inspiring and motivating.

Admiration Award: News & Updates

Award Criteria: to qualify for Admiration Award, you must describe in 200 words why your candidate deserves to win and email it to us by 15th October.

Judges: The panel of judges are the trustees and board members of Path to Success. All their decisions are independent of the awards administration. The judges' decision shall be final. Path to Success and its administration reserve the right to make any changes that subsequently become necessary.

Admiration Award: Quote
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