Wheelchair Tennis

Abbie is one of the younger athletes PTS is supporting, balancing school and training, She lives in Derbyshire with her family.

Abbie was recently selected to compete for Great Britain at the World Team Cup which will took place in Holland from 28th May to 3rd June.

Here is Abbie’s story: “In 2015 I trained as a ball crew member for the Wheelchair Tennis British Open tournament in Nottingham, but due to my disability and being a bit slow and clumsy I did not make the ball crew team and was put on the reserve list. I was so very disappointed that I did not make the team and just hoped for a space to open up. As people dropped out I gained a position on the team, for which I was overjoyed.


In July 2015 on the first day of Wheelchair tennis British Open I proudly started my first day. While there I was approached by the England wheelchair engagement officer Tony Knappett. He saw I had enthusiasm for the game and asked me if I would like to have a go at wheelchair tennis, he gave me his contact details and asked me to pass them to my mum and dad.


I love being involved in wheelchair tennis, both playing and helping out at festivals or tournaments as a ball girl. I get so much enjoyment from playing and knowing it’s a sport I can achieve within. It has also given me the opportunity to make new friendships and to be involved with like minded sports people who do not judge me for my disability."


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