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Inspired by her Grandfather's philanthropy and her own passion and experience for charity, Founder Anita Choudhrie MBE established Path to Success in London in 2005.

Path to Success (PTS) is a charity built upon passion, dedication and empathy. We strive to bring success and positive empowerment to those who live challenged lives.​​ Our vision is to share goodwill within the United Kingdom and overseas to help individuals overcome their difficulties.

Path to Success is a UK’s leading Disability Charity and has always supported Disability in various ways. “Empowering GB Female Athletes in Disability Sport” is at the heart of Path to Success, providing sponsorship to TALENTED GB WOMEN PARA ATHLETES on their Path to Paralympics & Beyond, in 4 major Disability Sports: Wheelchair Basketball, Para Badminton, Wheelchair Tennis and Para Powerlifting.

Many disabled Athletes have to self-fund majority of their sporting career to compete at the Professional and Paralympic level. The yearly cost of playing as a professional Para Athlete are anywhere from £19,000 -£50,000 per annum. This covers cost of coaching, equipment, tournaments and travel.

There is still a huge gulf in recognition, sponsorship and financial support received by Para Athletes compare to able body athletes, and we want to ‘Continue Making a Difference’. Being one of the only charities in the UK supporting Female Athletes in Disability Sport has made us more determined than ever to carry on our support for the Athletes on their Path to Paralympics 2024 in Paris & Beyond.


  • Raising funds to FINANCIALLY support GB Female Para Athletes in their training and competition costs

  • Reduce the STRESS of financial commitments for Para Athletes, where their focus can solely be on training

  • Increase AWARNESS of Disability Sport

  • Be able to SUPPORT more aspiring Female Para Athletes

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Founder & Director


Ever since she first supported local campaigns as a student in India, Anita Choudhrie MBE has been deeply passionate about charitable work. While studying at Delhi University, Anita became increasingly aware of the hardships that those outside of our vision and environment face, and she decided that she wanted to make a difference.
As a consequence, she has dedicated much of her life to philanthropy, culminating in her founding Path to Success in 2005. Anita aims to inspire and encourage people to take responsibility in helping others, and teaching those in need to help themselves while embracing the values of tradition and multiculturalism.
Anita’s work has changed lives across the UK, and in India, and she has received several awards for her philanthropy.

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Silvia von Ballmoos.png

Silvia von Ballmoos, is on the Board of Directors of the IT company ATG Advanced Swiss Technology Group and the St. Moritz Opera, Vice President of the Foundation Board of Tele D, member of the Public Affairs Committee and the Council of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, and member of the Swiss Chapter of the World Scout Foundation.

Silvia has lived in Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, and has an international network. Her many years of experience as a TV moderator make her a competent contact person and trainer for radio or TV training. She feels at ease in Swiss and international circles and knows what she is talking about when it comes to savoir-vivre. As a sought-after presenter at major social events, she makes a substantial contribution to the 3dc-academy to expertise on presenting at major events.

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abby Ghafoor_edited.png

Abby Ghafoor has collated over twenty years of experience within Marketing and Management Consulting. She is the Managing Director of Arc Management Consulting Limited, based in London and Paris. Working with the luxury brands globally and in the UK, her network is extensive across various industries and platforms. Abby has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the luxury sector. She strives to achieve brand growth, as well as developing new strategies and marketing direction.

Abby is a fellow at The Institute of Consulting and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, as well as Member of the London Chambers of Commerce. 

Abby will use her vast knowledge, network and drive to support the charity, raise awareness and highlight its appeal “Supporting Female Athletes in Disability Sport” on their path to Paris 2024 & Beyond.

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Path to Success aims to support exceptional and carefully selected projects identified with all earnest.  Currently empowering female athletes in Disability Sport. Our pledge is to direct fundraise towards covering cost of athletes' coaching, tournament fees, equipment and nutrition.

The policy of the charity is to keep the administration costs as low as possible.

The principle source of funding has been by individual donations, fundraising events such as annual Galas and yearly sport tournaments. 

C&C Alpha Group Limited provides free office space and back office support for the charity.

Who we are: About
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