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10 Year Anniversary - Gala 2016

Gala 2016 celebrated 10-year anniversary of Path to Success with a Dinner & Entertainment Fundraising Evening in a grand West End Musical Theatre Rhapsody, choreographed by UK’s best entertainment Company “Incognito”.  This exciting celebration of Rhapsody, was held at the grand ballroom of London Grosvenor House, JW Marriott with special guest Ade Adepitan MBE.

We shared the story of the Charity’s journey with our wonderful guests and supporters. Path to Success has supported multiple needs, hardships and concerns in today’s extremely complicated world and philanthropic thoughts, ideas and expression to fruition.

The story of Life and Giving is never ending because the world is constantly in need when the Charity started its work, with the realisation that it could not do everything at once, it focused on supporting children’s needs. The outcome was beautiful.  It let to so many children and homeless being helped. Path to Success then went on to creating yet other causes and with a lot of painstaking effort and time to help these challenged people, who are today in a happier environment.

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