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Para Powerlifting

"I used to be a swimmer and was doing strength training to support my swimming, I attended the National Dwarf Games which is an yearly event for people with achondroplasia to compete in sports. I participated in the Powerlifting competition at the games and was spotted by the British Weight Lifting coaches.  They suggested I try out the sport in Loughborough, after attending, I was enrolled in the National Talent Pathway.

Before starting para powerlifting I was very shy, did not talk much and would always hide away, sport has shown me who I can be and what I can achieve. I am now the opposite and I love the fact I can be in a sport which brings out the best of me.

What drives me to take part in Para Powerlifting? To make my younger self and my friends proud. When I was twelve years old I never saw myself having a life, I was uncomfortable with dwarfism and didn’t want to live with it. I was researching surgeries to make me become taller and change. Now if someone asks me if I could press a button to become tall, I would say no - because of what I have achieved and who I have becomes. It’s not everyday you can say you bench 94 kg and travel the world competing in a sport you love.

I strike to continue to make my younger self, family and friends proud and if 12 year old me could see me today I know she would have felt different of being of short stature."

Charlotte (Lottie) McGuinness: TeamMember
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