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Daniel is a 23 year old college student from Warrington. He enjoys meeting his friends and loves watching rugby matches with his dad and going on days out with his grandparents.

He and his family have already overcome difficult challenges since he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Daniel is now a fulltime wheelchair user and fully dependent on others for all daily activities. However, Daniel has movement in his fingers and uses a game controller and computers.

Daniel needed help with a new wheelchair ‘Invacare Tox SP2’, a high spec powered wheelchair that will provide him more support and independence.

Without a powerchair Daniel would be stuck in bed most of the time as his manual wheelchair is really uncomfortable and he cannot sit in it for long periods of time. It is also too heavy for his grandparents to push him around; therefore he would be stuck at home and isolated from his friends.

To keep his level of independence and the ability to participate in his social activities Daniel really needs this new powerchair. It is vital for him to be able to commute independently, to go to college or meet friends.

Daniel received his new powerchair (total cost of £7,103) with support of Path to Success in the beginning of August and he is very pleased with it.

Daniel's story: Project
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