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Para Badminton

Mary Wilson 54 has an amazing and inspirational story.  She was an army nurse survived a Taliban attack on her life while waging her own battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). While serving in the army for 20 years, Mary was Recommended for Mention in Dispatches for Bravery. This is a rare achievement for a female in the military. Mary was the only female team captain in the inaugural Invictus Games in London 2014. There were 12 Team Captains for the 12 sports and she was selected as the Field Athletic Team Captain. A very proud moment for Mary.

 She wants to become the first Scots woman to compete in Para Badminton when it makes it’s debut in Tokyo 2020.

Mary is currently 6th in the World Para-Badminton Rankings in singles, traveling all around the world to competing in various tournaments.

“I wouldn't really call badminton a hobby, but it is certainly something I spend most of my energy doing and I am very passionate about. My coordination and strength in my fingers are weaker because of the MS. But I just keep practising. It is difficult to say just one thing I enjoy most about Para Badminton. I think it is all encompassing and involves challenge, skill, dedication, determination, comradeship and fun!”

It took Mary 10 years to climb all the 274 Scottish mountains called Munro mountains above 3000ft. This included scrambling, abseiling, wild camping and enduring terrible weather and midges! There are only 4000 people in the world who have done this so far.

Mary wants to continue to medal in each international competition she takes part. she wants to improve her world ranking and to be selected for Tokyo 2020. Most importantly, to remain a player who is looked upon with trust, loyalty and be as good a role model as she can to other competitors.

Funding from Path to Success would be gratefully received in support of her challenging goal of qualifying for Tokyo 2020. She has been advised she needs a Strengthening and Conditioning coach and a physio who are specialist in the problems associated with MS.

Mary M. Wilson: About Us


"2019 has been a very tough year in Para badminton. The atmosphere has changed at competitions as everyone is so focused on doing their best and gaining Paralympic selection points. We have the last 3 para selection tournaments in the first 3 months of 2020. Brazil back to back with Peru and then a week later Spain.

I have done my utmost to do the best I can along with the support of yourselves, the Scotland Head Coach Sarah Bok and my physio, Bill Taylor."

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