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Ahmed is a 22 year old from Birmingham. He likes to watch football and is a huge supporter of Manchester United.

Ahmed has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting condition that affects all of his muscles and all aspects of his life. He requires full-time assistance and is on a full-time ventilator, which restricts him from going out much due to tiredness and battery life of the ventilator. Ahmed’s current wheelchair no longer meets his needs as it is very unstable and unsecure due to the configuration of the suspension. Because of this, he finds it increasingly difficult to lead an independent life and hopes to avoid being confined to his bedroom.

With recommendation of Action for Kids, Path to Success was able to part fund for a Permobil F5 Corpus powered wheelchair, a specialised chair that offers crucial stabilisation and posture functions that will help with his condition.  

Ahmed received his new chair in March 2018. With this chair, he is now able to go out independently and travel safely and comfortably without getting hurt.

“I’m enjoying the new powerchair. It has made a huge impact to my life and has given me some of my independence back. I can’t show enough appreciation to Action For Kids, Path to Success and all the other charitable organisations involved in the funding of my new powerchair.”

Ahmed's story: Project
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