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Passionate about Empowerment, Inclusive Fashion & Active Lifestyle. Samanta shares her knowledge and life experiences to raise awareness about the above.  She has been in a wheelchair since 1992. Before her injury, Samanta was a very active person, modelling, playing handball and tennis. Since her accident she has not slowed down a bit. She worked in politics, played tennis at the highest level and performed in the 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony among many other achievements.

“I am a living proof that a wheelchair does not have to be an obstacle to achieving any of my goals. Born in 1978 in Osorio-Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, my life changed forever at the tender age of 14 when a bullet wound left me paraplegic. I can now look back proudly at what I have already achieved and have every reason to feel optimistic about the future.”    

She is working tirelessly to spread awareness about Inclusive Fashion and Empowering Women through her work and her own brand “SB Shop” which is launching on June 15th

“Fashion has the power to normalise things and embrace equality.  It has been hard work pushing for inclusion but a meaningful one and I am making it part of my journey. To make this new generation understand that all differences are welcome. “

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Patron - Samanta Bullock: Service

A powerful short video by Samanta Bullock: 

"To Empower People, Acceptance and Diversity in Fashion"

Patron - Samanta Bullock: Welcome
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