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Wheelchair Tennis

"My biggest drive is having the ability to make a change. Not only to my life but other peoples."

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An incredible hardworking and dedicated athlete who still has many challenging goals to achieve with the right support and funding.

Financial pressure is the biggest stress and distraction to me when it comes to trying to progress in my sport and any support in helping ease this will make a huge difference to me!

Support from Path to Success has a huge impact. It is helping me to fund 3-4 more tournaments in the year. this means I could work less days and have more time to train, giving me more opportunity to improve faster.”

Louise started playing wheelchair tennis when she was 5 years old just with her family. At the same age she went to Stoke Mandeville Stadium where she tried out lots of different sports, but it was here that she learned she could peruse wheelchair tennis further and she just never stopped playing.

She made her Paralympic debut at London 2012, and later in Rio 2016.

“Playing tennis has impacted my life in so many ways. Not only has it kept me fit and healthy and helped me manage my disability better, showing that having spina bifida is not something which has to limit my prospects but can enhance them. Tennis has given me a chance to meet so many different people from all over the world and see so many places which I could’ve never even dreamed of seeing. It’s given me a competitive spirit which pushes me to fight for what I believe in.”

Louise’s short-term plan is to break the top 10 in the work both in singles and doubles. Currently with her limited funds she trains 4 days a week, an average 4 hours a day but she wants to do more.

Alongside her sporting career, Louise also works as an athlete mentor and motivational speaker, sharing her stories and experiences with many different people, and encouraging others to fulfil their potentials and follow their dreams

“Aside from winning, which is obviously a big reason I love to compete, my biggest drive is having the ability to make a change. Not only to my life but other peoples. I love breaking down perceptions and barriers of disability and I think it’s an honour to be in a position to show what you can achieve despite being differently abled. I was lucky enough to meet a Paralympian when I was young who showed me that disability doesn’t have to mean you are limited, and I now hope to be this for someone else too.”

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"My goal next year is to qualify for my third Paralympic games in Tokyo. This year I have won 2 international singles titles and 4 international doubles titles. I was also a part of the team who won a bronze medal at our world team cup in Israel in May."

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