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Lucy is a 25-year-old university student from London. She is working towards degree in psychology and enjoys living in student halls. Lucy likes going to the pub with her friends, watching movies, going to the comedy nights and theatre. She has volunteered before and her ambition is to do a Masters Degree in Addiction with the ultimate goal of getting a job in counselling.

Lucy has ccerebral palsy and cannot walk or stand. She has to be hoisted in and out of the wheelchair. She uses a powered wheelchair which helps her have the freedom she needs. Lucy says the chair is her ‘legs’ and feels trapped without it. It also helps her posture. Her current chair is over 8 years old, is starting to fall apart and is too small for Lucy.

She needs a Sunrise Medical Jive M2 wheelchair (full cost of £14,321) which is more slimline than her old one, making it easier to drive. It also goes faster enabling her to keep up with her friends, instead of being left behind. It also has better suspension which will make it more comfortable for Lucy.

Without the right equipment Lucy will have back ache from not sitting in the right position and her independence would be taken from her.

She said: “I like to go to University activities and the pub. I also go across London on my own using buses in my electric wheelchair. When it is broken down or I don’t have it, I feel vulnerable as I cannot push myself and I can’t just leave an unsafe area if I need to. I have to rely on someone to push me and this takes away my freedom and independence.”

Lucy’s chair was delivered in the beginning of September of 2017

Lucy's story: Project
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